Outage Update: Unfortunately, our phones are still down. In case of emergency, please email the address for your student’s respective school: High: jamie.everdeen2@garams.org Middle: sarah.larue@garams.org Primary: amelia.martin@garams.org From our Technology Site Coordinator: Metronet, our internet service provider, did a lot of internet re-splicing work last night in our area, which caused the outage. We are working with a level 2 Engineer at Metronet to identify the issue and repair ASAP. Estimated time of restoration is today between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this as quickly as possible
5 days ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
We do not have a driver for the orange/ red bus route this morning. However, we will send a different bus to pick up students after the first morning run. A different bus will come to pick up students starting at 8:30 AM. If you are not able to find alternative transportation, you may wait and watch for a later bus.
9 days ago, G-A Superintendent
Due to the severe weather today, the district will be closing for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 8. The daycare will remain open.
12 days ago, G-A Superintendent
We do not have enough bus drivers today and we need to cancel the Orange Bus route for both this morning and after school.
about 1 month ago, G-A Superintendent
A Letter from the Superintendent- Dear Galesburg-Augusta Ram Family, It has been a difficult decision to make, but on February 22, I notified the Board of Education that I will be retiring and that my last day at G-A will be June 30, 2024. It has been the highlight of my career and an honor to serve the communities of Galesburg and Augusta. I have had this pleasure for almost seven years and it is time for me to go home to my farm and to my family, including two wonderful grandchildren for whom I am ready to be “super-grandma!” I cannot state this emphatically enough, it has been a true privilege to lead and work alongside the adults in this district who make the magic happen. We have had many successes that have improved the educational opportunities and outcomes for our students. Our district’s success, our students’ success, comes because of the dedicated adults who work side by side with children every day and the relationships they build with families. Here are some highlights that I'm particularly proud of: The Board of Education has remained steadfast in their commitment to increasing pay for our G-A teachers and support staff since my tenure began. We've come a long way, but I'll keep pushing at the state level for more to be done to address pay inequities across school districts. Those in education deserve nothing less than our full support. Keeping our budget focused on students has been a priority, ensuring that classroom sizes remain manageable. We've made the most of restricted funding and secured numerous grants to introduce essential programs. This includes additional counseling services, interventionists for reading and math, outside counselors, social workers, expanded opportunities for students with special needs, and partnerships for STEM exploration. Plus, we've added a brand new STEAM/STEM classroom to boot! We've ramped up our investment in curricular resources and technology devices for classrooms. Our full-time curriculum and instruction specialist has provided invaluable training and mentoring to support our new teachers in their crucial first three years... Recognizing the importance of school pride and our athletic program, we've invested resources accordingly, resulting in increased student participation in after-school activities. Our community's determination paid off with the construction of a new track and field stadium, providing our students with top-notch facilities. We'll soon host our first home track meet in over twenty years! We've expanded with four new 4th-grade classrooms and are on track to open a new multipurpose space in June, promising even more opportunities for our students during and after the academic day We recently wrapped up our Ram Fam Strategic Plan, 2023-2026, after gathering extensive input from stakeholders. I'm incredibly proud of what our community has created. Our renewed mission at G-A is "to develop personal connections and innovative learning pathways for each student to become a successful individual." If there's any team that can live up to this mission, it's ours. In closing, I will forever be grateful for the kindness and support extended to me and the relationships I have been able to make these past seven school years. I am honored to have worked alongside the members of this school community, especially those who have chosen to volunteer their time to serve on our Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools Board of Education. This district has proven year after year that G-A is all about family. Sincerely, Wendy
2 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Good morning, G-A families. Unfortunately, due to illnesses, we will not be able to run an a.m. or p.m. Red bus route.
2 months ago, G-A Superintendent
Unfortunately, we do not have a driver for Pink bus. We will not have AM or PM bus routes for Pink bus riders today.
2 months ago, G-A Superintendent
We will not have a pink bus route this morning. We apologize for the late notice; our driver is out ill. We will be able to have a pink route this afternoon.
2 months ago, G-A Superintendent
A Message from the Superintendent-
2 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Message from supe
Board of Education Vacancy-- The Board of Education of Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools is accepting a letter of interest in writing from interested residents through 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 15, 2024 to fill a vacant seat. More information can be found on the Board of Education page at https://www.g-aschools.org/page/board-of-education under the "Board Vacancy" link.
3 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
BoE Vacancy Document
This morning there will be no orange bus route. We apologize for the late notice. We will not have a driver this morning. We appreciate families who can make other arrangements to bring their child to school today. This will be for both the a.m. and the p.m. orange bus routes.
3 months ago, G-A Superintendent
Dear Ram Family-- We apologize for this morning's school closing announcement mix-up. We had some issues with our process. While some did receive a text message, many others did not. We've identified the problem and it has been corrected. We will be better going forward.
4 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Message from the Superintendent: Dear Ram Family, After a relatively mild start to winter, circumstances have certainly changed. When it comes to deciding whether or not to close schools, the past several days have presented obvious challenges. Unfortunately, this decision is far from an exact science. Factors to be considered include snow totals, road conditions including ice, wind chill temperatures, and whether or not buses will start. Today, Monday, Jan. 15, a combination of these factors made the decision to close more clear. In addition to the bitter cold, we have ice-packed back roads and several buses that would not start due to the cold. While we consider these factors, we have to balance the ability of students, staff, and buses to arrive safely at school with our responsibility to educate our kids. With just 180 days to teach our kids each year, each day is an important opportunity to do so. Please know that we absolutely want our kids at school - when it is deemed safe to do so. The decision-making process here in Kalamazoo County typically involves communication among the Superintendents across the county. Specifically, G-A pays close attention to our direct neighbors, including Gull Lake, Climax-Scotts, and Comstock. That communication may begin as early as the day prior or in the very early AM on potential school closure days. As we look ahead to Tuesday, Jan. 16, and Wed. Jan. 17, we are closely monitoring the factors. Regarding wind chill, when the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a "wind chill warning" that impacts the morning commute, we will likely close school. If the NWS issues a "wind chill advisory," assuming roads are passable and buses will start, we will likely be in session. Honestly, I see Tuesday going either way - please prepare accordingly. If we are open, buses will likely be moving more slowly. Please bundle up those kids waiting at bus stops and encourage teen drivers to be extra careful. In addition to whether or not to close schools, we also have to consider whether or not it is safe to hold extra-curricular events. In some cases, such as an overnight snowstorm, conditions can improve enough throughout the day to allow events to be safely held. This is a decision that is typically made during the day of the actual school closure. Communication on these events may come through normal school processes or from other administrators or coaches. As I stated earlier, this is not a perfect science, and as such, your grace is much appreciated. Be well, stay safe! Chris Rice Interim Superintendent Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
4 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools (K-12 only) will be CLOSED tomorrow, Monday, January 15, 2024 due to windchill temperatures and icy back roads. Daycare will remain open.
4 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools (K-12 and daycare) will be CLOSED tomorrow, Friday, January 12, 2024 due to inclement weather.
4 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
HALF DAY BUSES: Orange and White buses are being combined on the ORANGE BUS today for the half day and they may be running 30 minutes late! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. ❤️💛🐏
7 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
The Green Bus will not be running this morning due to a shortage of drivers.
7 months ago, G-A Superintendent
Galesburg-Augusta: G-AHS has been participating in a School Spirit Challenge. You can vote for G-AHS once a day from September 4, 2023 through October 16, 2023. We have a few more days... help us keep the lead! We need every vote!!! Thanks, G-A RAM FAM! https://johnnysmarkets.com/school-spirit/
7 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
From the Athletic Director regarding the 10/13 Varsity Football Game @ Comstock: Tickets are $7 - GoFan.co for online tickets - Credit cards accepted at the game - Cash must be exact change
7 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Sponsor a Senior! Hey Ram Fam! We want to raise money for our seniors who need a little help making payments for the Class of 2024 Senior Trip. If you would like to help, we will be at the Ram Jam Tailgate tomorrow, October 6th @ 4:30PM, and look for our donation board! Please contact Ms. Sarah at sarah.baker@garams.org with any questions.
8 months ago, Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools
Sponsor a Senior