Red and gold banner advertises superintendent profile is available now for viewing
a ram wearing sunglasses watches a solar eclipse
Red and Gold image depicts a silhouette of a man and a woman running
Superintendent Search- Red and Gold Banner with person at desk
Ram Fam Strategic Plan
orange and green soda pop cans are crushed and an ad for a can fundraiser is advertised on a black background
Light-hearted design advertises kindergarten registration being open for galesburg-augusta
Ink-on-aged parchment style advertisement reads "Avanelle Hutchings Powell Scholarship"
Beige banner advertises spaghetti fundraiser, drawings of noodles in a bowl and on a fork
A painterly banner advertises the Young Artists of Kalamazoo County Reception at the KIA
Golden rays highlight Schools of Choice opening advertisement
a text conversation about signing up for texts from g-a
Red and gold banner says "We'd like your FEEDBACK!" A QR code is shown
A red banner with paw prints and a dog cartoon
A red and yellow banner advertises  a pickleball tournament. There is a giant yellow pickleball at the bottom and a QR code.
A Fall-themed banner advertises the NHS Thanksgiving Food Drive. Yellow and Orange with a roasted turkey and fall leaves.
A yellow and red banner with a photo of cookies and paint strokes advertises the Cookies and Canvas event
a black and red banner depicts a cartoon blood bag flowing into a heart
A fall themed banner advertises the book fair at g-a middle school
A fall themed yellow banner reads the title of the event