Photo of the Middle School with The Whole Child Award Ribbon over the photo

Dear Galesburg-Augusta Family,

We are honored to announce that Galesburg-Augusta Middle School has been selected as the Michigan ASCD’s 2021-2022 Whole Child School of the Year. And Galesburg-Augusta Middle School will be formally recognized and awarded at next week's MEMSPA (The Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association) Conference. At Galesburg-Augusta Middle School we believe that cognitive functions are built upon emotional platforms. It is our top priority that when our students are with us that they have their physiological needs met, that they are safe and feel safe, that they feel loved and they feel that Galesburg-Augusta Middle School is somewhere that they belong.

Certainly no school is utopic, and we face the same challenges faced by all middle schools in helping guide students through the tumult that is adolescence. At Galesburg-Augusta Middle School:

  • We tell our staff and our students that we love them. At Galesburg-Augusta Middle School love is a verb, and we believe that we can choose to love the person even if we don’t always love their actions or behaviors. 

  • We greet every student and staff that enters our building and our classrooms warmly and with personal attention. We affirm them with our R.A.M.S tickets. It’s important to us that all of our students are both seen and heard.

  • All students utilize a digital Mood Meter twice a day to help them identify their emotions, connect the why, and equip them with pragmatic strategies to manage them.

  • We use formal cool down spaces in our office to address the mental health needs of those students there in real time.

  • We conduct daily community circles so that all students can be heard with equity.

  • We use proactive restorative circles to hold students to a higher level of accountability and allow them to atone for their actions.

And these among many other reasons is why we are proud to be a part of the Galesburg-Augusta Family.

Love and Respect,

G-A Middle School Staff