New Website

We’re thrilled to announce our new websites & app!

We are launching a groundbreaking branding campaign for the district. User-friendly websites and mobile apps for each school will help connect the GACS community. The campaign is part of a larger effort to highlight the great achievements taking place every day across the district.

The new website and app include information such as news, dining menus, events calendars,
real-time updates on sports scores, school document links, and even a live feed. The
free app for Android and iPhone sends emergency notifications directly to those who
download the app. The technology is designed with both families and schools leaders in

This effort is in partnership with Apptegy, an education technology company based in
Little Rock, Arkansas. The company created Thrillshare, a marketing platform that
empowers teachers, students, and administrators to share stories of growth in the

Download the free mobile apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by typing in
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools, MI.  It’s everything G-A Rams, in your pocket.