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Early/Middle College Program

How Early/Middle College Will Work in Kalamazoo County   

The program will allow students to earn a degree or certificate from Kalamazoo Valley Community College during a "13th grade" in high school.

Here's how it works:

• To enter the Early/Middle College program, a student must first take a college success strategies course at their home high school, ideally as a sophomore.

• As a junior and senior, the student will choose a course of study, and take dual-enrollment classes at KVCC or specific courses that offer college credit through Kalamazoo County's Education for Employment or Education for the Arts programs. Most students also will take classes at their home high school.

• The student's fifth year of high school would be mainly spent at KVCC finishing up their college program of study. They also need to finish up requirements for their high school diploma.

• College tuition and fees will be paid by the school district.

• Teens will not be able to officially graduate with their class because they must remain high school students to qualify for funding during the "13th grade."

• In addition to the college strategies course, EMC students are required to participate in "seminar," a regular meeting of EMC students to talk about their experiences and share tips and resources. Each EMC student also will be assigned a mentor, who will help oversee their progress.

• Students can enter the EMC program after sophomore year, but must take the college strategies class first and may not be finish their college program by the end of their fifth year of high school.


Early/Middle College initially will offer seven programs of study:

1. Associate's degree for students transferring to a four-year college.

2. Associate's degree in graphic design.

3. Associate's degree in machine-tool technology.

4. Certificate in graphic design.

5. Certificate in machine-tool technology.

6. Certificate of completion to be a welder.

7. Certificate of completion to be a personal computer support technician.