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Delayed Start ~ February 18th


On these days, school will start exactly 90 minutes LATER than a normal day and end at the normal time each day. All students will be transported to school 90 minutes later than they would on a normal day, either by their parent or our transportation department.

The delayed starts we will have this year are part of our district’s professional staff development time required by law. We will use this time to review our students’ performance and discuss ways that we can improve teaching and learning for all children.

Primary Start Time: 9:20 AM
MS Start Time: 9:44 AM
8th Grade Start Time: 9:00 AM

HS Start Time: 9:10 AM

- Bus routes will be the same. The bus will arrive approximately 90 minutes later than normal.
- KAMSC, EFE, EFA, Special Ed. programs, etc. where the students meet at the HS to be transported to other programs will not be affected.

If you have any other questions, please contact the school offices. We appreciate all our families making arrangements to accommodate the delayed start mornings. Thank you. 

2019-2020 Delayed Start Dates

September 17

October 8

November 19

December 17

January 14

February 18

March 17

April 21

May 19