About Galesburg-Augusta Primary School

Mission Statement
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools will empower all students to be productive and responsible citizens.

About The School
Common Core State Standards: At Galesburg-Augusta Primary School we have adopted the Common Core State Standards for Math and English/Language Arts. To learn more about this curriculum please follow this link.

Welcome to the Galesburg-Augusta Primary School
The Galesburg-Augusta Primary School accommodates Pre-K through third graders.

The "littlest rams" will learn the building blocks they need for future success.

The Primary offers extensive opportunities for students needing more of a challenge in their academic curriculum, including: Reading Counts, and IXL Math and Language Arts. Students also have access to many extra-curricular activities including: Field Day, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra performances, and Educational for the Arts Programs.

For students who need extra help there are the following services available: At-Risk programming, Summer School and after school support, as well as Special Education services.

The Primary takes a team-based approach to student learning. An important starting point for early intervention in school is a problem-solving model. This team-based approach brings together classroom teachers and other school professionals to collaboratively address the problems faced by students who struggle in school with existing instructional models. The goal of this approach is to improve student achievement and ensure that ALL children learn.