Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools has adopted the Common Core State Standards for Math and English/Language Arts. To learn more about this curriculum please go to www.corestandards.org.

Here are the important math vocabulary words by grade level:

Kindergarten CCSS Vocabulary List First Grade CCSS Vocabulary List Second Grade CCSS Vocabulary List Third Grade CCSS Vocabulary List Fourth Grade CCSS Vocabulary List
add >, <, = <, >, = additive acute angle
addend add a.m. algorithm additive comparison angle
addition addend addends area angle
compose addition analog clock area model arc
count analog clock angles arithmetic pattern area
decompose angles associative property array area model
equal associative property attributes associative property benchmark fraction
equation circle bar graph attribute common denominator
expression commutative property cents commutative property composite
greater than compose column denominator decimal
less than composite commutative property distributive property degrees
make 10 cone compose dividend denominator
shapes count back cubes division endpoint
subtract count on decompose divisor equivalent fractions
subtraction cube differences equation estimation
three-dimensional cylinder digital clock equivalent expanded form
two-dimensional data points dimes estimation factor pairs
defining attributes dollars factor factors
digital clock equal shares fourth formula
equal sign even fraction fraction
equation expanded form half/halves line
faces faces kite line of symmetry
false questions fourths line plot line plot
fourth of halves mass line segment
fourths hexagons minute metric units
half identity property multiplication mixed number
half of kite multiply multiples
half-circle length number line multiplicative comparison
half-hour line plot numerator numerator
halves nickels order of operations obtuse angle
hour number line diagram parallelogram parallel
length odd perimeter pattern
make 10 p.m. place value perimeter
multiple of 10 parallelogram plane figure perpendicular
non-defining attributes pennies product point
place value pentagons quadrilateral prime
quarter picture graph quarter protractor
quarter of place value quotient ray
quarter-circle quadrilaterals rectangle rectangular array
quarters quarters rhombus remainder
rectangle rectangle rounding right angle
rectangular prism rectangular array scale right triangle
sides rhombus scaled bar graph round
square row scaled picture graph rounding
subtract scale square rule
subtraction sides standard units scale
sum square trapezoid standard algorithm
three-dimensioned sums unit fraction standard units
trapezoid thirds unit square symmetry
triangle trapezoid volume unit
true equation triangles unit fraction
two-dimensioned unit
whole whole