August 2018

Hello! Welcome to 5th grade! This year promises to be an exciting one as you enter the Middle School. I’m sure after a relaxing and fun summer vacation you will be ready for the challenges and adventures ahead.

Please look at the 5th grade supply list. These things will help you have an organized and successful 5th grade year.

The school will provide a student assignment planner to each student (if it is lost the cost to replace it is $5). Each day the students will write the assignments they should be working on during the evening. Parents need to sign it every night. This is a great way to communicate between home and school.

Other ways to communicate with the 5th grade teachers:

  • Like us on Facebook at GA 5th Grade

  • Remind 101 code: @ckfah (text message reminders)

  • Middle School phone #: 484-2020

  • Email is our preferred way of two way communication

Laura Britain

Amanda Headley

Mary Johnson

Matt Kaemming

We are looking forward to meeting everyone, soon!