Key Points:

  • Our plan is in accordance with the State of Michigan (Governor’s Ex. Order/Michigan Safe Start Plan), and The Michigan High School Athletic Association (M.H.S.A.A.) and is also based on the guidelines of the CDC and local health departments.
  • We will follow ALL health and safety guidelines, i.e. social distancing and proper hygiene and sanitizing protocol.
  • Given the Governor’s orders requiring physical distancing, school athletics is at a “Modified Step 2” in the M.H.S.A.A. “Re-Opening of School Sports” guidance (3 step plan). This is modified because competition may not start yet due to the physical distancing requirement of six feet.
  • The modified step 2 allows us to have groups of 100 or less together at one location/time as long as the location is outdoors. Indoor facilities shall remain closed during Step 2.
  • The MHSAA will continue to communicate on the progression of steps based on future government direction.
  • All MHSAA out-of-season summer coaching regulations continue to apply (e.g. voluntary, not part of team selection, etc.).

ALL SPORTS: Maintain Physical Distancing when possible and allow cloth face coverings when safe (not safe for long distance running/heavy exertion).

Pre- workout Screening Requirement from MHSAA:

  • All coaches and students will be screened for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 prior to a workout. Screening includes a temperature check and a questionnaire.
  • Responses to screening questions for each person needs to be recorded and stored so that there is a record of everyone present in case a student develops COVID-19.
  • Any person with positive symptoms reported will not be allowed to take part in workouts and should contact his or her primary care provider or other appropriate health-care professional.
  • Vulnerable individuals will not oversee or participate in any workouts.

Implementation at Galesburg-Augusta

  • Coaches will coordinate with the Athletic Director on dates/times/locations of their voluntary workouts.
  • Coaches establishes a central check-in location with all the needed equipment: screening sheet, contact-free thermometer, gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, medical kits, and AED.
  • Student-Athletes must maintain social distancing during the check in process. Coaches and Student-Athletes must wear a mask during the medical screening process.
  • Coach leading the session will perform and record the temperature check/screening questions and collect/record the Covid-19 waiver. Hand sanitizer will be used prior to the screening.
  • Student-Athletes will be encouraged to bring their own personal bottle of hand sanitizer. However, this is not a requirement.
  • Individuals that are symptomatic(answer yes to any of the questions on the screening sheet and/or has a temperature of 100.4 or higher) after screening will be sent home and it will be documented in the team’s daily log entry and reported to parents/guardians.

Limitations on Gatherings from MHSAA:

  • Locker rooms/bathrooms will NOT be utilized. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout.
  • Workouts will be conducted in “pods” of students with the same students always working out together. Smaller pods can be utilized for weight training. This ensures more limited exposure if someone develops an infection and is more effective in tracing.
  • There must be a minimum distance of 6 feet between each individual at all times.

Implementation at Galesburg-Augusta

  • Coaches will have pods of athletes established that will work out together. Pods are limited to 10 individuals (9 players and a coach). Each pod will consist of a coach that will lead sessions, this coach will stay with the same pods. Head Coaches will have the ability to access ALL pods to assist with implementation.
  • Teams CAN have more than 1 pod at each venue.
  • Locker rooms will NOT be available. Student-athletes will be expected to show up in appropriate attire (cleanly washed) with appropriate footwear.
  • Bathrooms will NOT be available unless it is an emergency. A mask MUST be worn if the bathroom is used and “touching” points MUST be sanitized afterwards.
  • Everyone will practice social distancing at least 6 feet at all times.

Physical Activity and Athletic Equipment Requirements from MHSAA:

  • There should be no shared athletic equipment (towels, clothing or shoes) between students.
  • Students should wear their own appropriate workout clothing (do not share clothing) individual clothing/towels should be washed and cleaned after every workout.
  • Resistance training should be emphasized as body weight and use of resistance bands.

Implementation at Galesburg-Augusta

  • Do not share items including but not limited to water bottles, towels, and equipment.
  • Equipment used will be disinfected after use by each student-athlete.
  • Workouts should be focused on conditioning and injury prevention not just sport/skill specific.
  • Band resistance training and body weight training should be utilized. General conditioning should also be utilized.
  • Proper acclimatization of ALL activities will be utilized. Keep in mind our student-athletes have possibly been inactive for over three months. Acclimatization could take up 4 weeks.
  • Balls may be used among groups, but participants should clean such common equipment periodically (approximately 20-30 minute intervals).
  • Student-athletes and Coaches MUST sanitize their hands periodically (20-30 minutes or after touching shared surfaces.

Hydration Requirement from MHSAA:

  • All students shall bring their OWN water bottle. Water bottles must not be shared.
  • Hydration stations (water cows, water trough, water fountains, etc.) will not be utilized.

Implementation at Galesburg-Augusta

  • Galesburg-Augusta Schools/Coaches will NOT provide hydration stations or shared water bottles/fountains that student-athletes can use.
  • Student-athletes are expected to bring their own water bottles and may not share between teammates.

Facilities Cleaning Requirements from MHSAA: (once we enter Step 3)

  • Adequate cleaning schedules should be created and implemented for all athletic facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases.
  • Prior to an individual or groups of individuals entering a facility, hard surfaces within that facility should be wiped down and sanitized (chairs, furniture in meeting rooms, locker rooms, weight room equipment, bathrooms, athletic training room tables, etc.).
  • Individuals should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with warm water and soap before touching any surfaces or participating in workouts.
  • Hand sanitizer should be plentiful and available to individuals as they transfer from place to place.
  • Students must be encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothing immediately upon returning to home.

Implementation at Galesburg-Augusta

  • Student-athletes are required to bring a towel/extra shirt to lay on equipment (weight bench, platform, floor, etc.)
  • ALL individuals will be encouraged to wear facemasks while indoors. When heavy exertion occurs, the athlete should remove his/her facemask for the exercise and recovery and then return the facemask over their mouth and nose. Example: wear the mask into the building. When the workout is about to begin, set the mask off to the side. Pick it up and put it back on after recovery. Also wear the mask prior to leaving and during breaks/talks/meetings.
    • Cloth face masks are recommended vs. medical-style masks
    • Facemasks that are easy to slide on/off (buff, etc.) are recommended.
  • There will be bottles of hand sanitizer for use in between specific areas/at the end of sessions. Student-athletes must use the hand sanitizer while moving/end of sessions.
  • Coaches will encourage student-athletes to shower and wash hands/clothing upon returning home.


At any time, Galesburg-Augusta Schools could change/alter this plan based on upon weekly evaluations and new information from the Governor’s Office, The MHSAA, the CDC, or local health department.

Coaches will coordinate with each other and the Athletic Department when scheduling facilities for workouts (step 3).

Coaches will be provided and be responsible for daily screening of their teams and to maintain in a team binder.

Also, masks are not required to be worn outside, but are recommended by the MHSAA. Individuals have the right to wear their masks outside even if they are told they are not necessary. Parents also reserve the right to hold their children out of these workouts if they feel that their son/daughter may be in harm's way. This will not affect their status for fall, winter, or spring sports as opportunities at the beginning of the season will allow coaching staffs to evaluate their athletes for team selection.

Parents should remain in the parking lot until they have confirmation from their child that they have been cleared to participate.

We will need to re-evaluate the plan once we move into Step 3.

Covid Release Form ~ For Parents

COVID-19 Athlete/Coach Monitoring Form