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Girl's High School basketball practice/tryouts will begin on Monday, November 11th. Student-athletes MUST have a VALID physical on file before they can participate. A valid physical is one that is dated on or after April 15th, 2019. You MUST use the NEW M.H.S.A.A. form (above).

Attention Parents:
You can now pay for your child’s athletic participation fee online. You will need to go to E-Funds for Schools and establish an account. This is the same site you can use to pay for school breakfast/lunch. You will need your student’s Identification (I.D.) number to establish an account. This is the same I.D. number you use to access Pinnacle. If you are not sure, you can contact the school to request their Identification number. There is a small ($1 for debit card, $1.95 for credit card) fee every time you make a deposit. This fee covers the cost of the program.