About Galesburg-Augusta High School

Mission Statement
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools will empower all students to be productive and responsible citizens.

About the School
Galesburg-Augusta High School is a 328 student high school where the focus is student achievement and student learning. Our high school, located on M-96, between the communities of Galesburg and Augusta, is based on a family atmosphere where students are worked with in collaboration to assist them in reaching their maximum ability.

The Galesburg-Augusta Community generously provided our students and staff a new building in 2003, and since that time our students have done a great job in respecting the building and taking advantage of the state of the art science classrooms, our 4 computer labs, and the modernized media center.

We participate in boy’s football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, track and field, tennis and baseball. Our girls participate in volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, cross country, track and field, and softball. Our most recent success was in volleyball when our girls won the district championship! In addition, our basketball team was runner up state champions and in the same year, our softball team was State Champion.

We offer AP English, Biology and Governments as well as Honors classes and Calculus and Trigonometry. Our Band Program has achieved 28 straight 1 ratings in the District Band Festival. We have established a curriculum to meet the rigorous standards set by the State of Michigan to receive the state endorsed high school diploma.

We also offer a variety of elective classes through Education for Employment and Education for the Arts, two systems through our local RESA that give students a hands on experience into professional fields in order to allow them to experience firsthand academic experiences in which they believe they may want to pursue past high school.

Our administrative team and counseling staff have been working hard throughout the school year to implement an Early Middle College opportunity for our students in the fall of 2015. EMC is a partnership with KVCC which incorporates a thirteenth year of school with the potential of an associates degree when completed.

Finally, we not only believe in educating children academically, but also educating them for post high school life. Students are instilled with values such as timeliness, punctuality with their school work, a common care and concern for peers, and an understanding of how to respect all students/staff/community members within the school and our communities.

We encourage you to visit Galesburg-Augusta High School and if you have any questions, please direct them to our principal, Christie Robinson, at 269-484-2010.