Education for Employment (EFE) is an award-winning career and technical education center without walls that offers a wide range of programs to 10th – 12th grade students. Programs are held in multiple locations: in high school buildings, on college campuses, and at actual business and industry sites. EFE programs reflect “real world” applications and maintain the rigorous requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum as well as state, national, and industry technical standards and requirements.

EFA is a program arm of Kalamazoo RESA. EFA’s roots are based on a unanimous desire of the nine public school districts in Kalamazoo County to make arts education a learning and teaching priority. EFA’s mandate is to enhance arts education opportunities and programs for every Kalamazoo County school through developing, maintaining and strengthening partnerships between school districts, buildings and teachers and the rich array of professional arts institutions in Southwest Michigan. EFA has five full-time administrative staff, nine full-time teachers/resident artists and nearly fifty part-time teaching artists.