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    G-A Bond Update March 2017
    Exciting times ahead for GA Primary, Middle and High School facilities as district prepares for upcoming improvements. Since the May 3, 2016 successful election, district representatives, architects, engineers and construction managers have been busy with planning, programming and design phase meetings and program development. In November and December 2016, the projects moved into final design and bidding phase. In January and February 2017, bids were received, evaluated and contracts awarded to perform remodeling work at Primary, Middle and High School buildings. The bids received were very competitive and came in on budget. Of the 15 Contracts awarded, 90% of the Prime Contractors performing the work are local. Of the $10.4M approved by voters, approximately $1.2M will be spent at the Primary School for safety, security, roofing, temperature controls, and lighting and parking lot improvements. The Middle School will undergoes significant remodeling for its nearly $8M investment. Improvements will be focused on parking lots, lighting, roofing, windows, doors, a new secure entrance vestibule, flooring, ceilings, lockers, plumbing, heating systems, electrical, temperature controls and fire alarm system. The High School will receive approximately $1.2M of improvements centered on secure entrance vestibule, gym lighting, temperature controls, roofing, and parking lot repairs. District wide technology improvements and furniture upgrades are part of the improvements at each building. The timeline for the improvements varies:
     The Primary & High School projects will commence construction in May-2017 with construction work being completed in September of 2017.
     The Middle School project commences construction in May-2017 and continue with remodeling and phased construction work through the summer of 2018 and be complete in September of 2018.
    Attached is a preliminary site logistics and phasing plan for the Middle School project. Construction activities will be separated from students and staff but will continue throughout the school year. As areas are completed, students and staff will move with the remodeling and improvements. We are very excited for the community to begin to see their investment in their school facilities.
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