• The Schoolwires Editor

    The majority of your website's content (text, images, and other items) will be created using the Schoolwires Editor.

    Cut, Copy and Paste Text

    You can cut, copy, and paste text from documents, websites, and other sources by using the icons in the Editor. To remove all formatting from your copied text, click on Paste Text.

    Cat in turkey hat Insert an Image

    To insert an image, follow these steps:
    1. Place your cursor in the Content Area where you would like the image to be inserted.
    2. Click the Insert Image icon.
    3. Choose an image source.
    4. Follow the wizard prompts to bring the image into the wizard and view the Image Attributes.
    5. Enter a description of the image into the Alt. Text field.
    6. Adjust Height or Width values, if desired.
    7. You may also adjust Alignment and Border options, or this can be done later.
    8. Click on the Insert Image button.

    You can edit the image settings at anytime by double clicking on the image.

    Insert a Link 

    You can turn text or images into links to another page on your site, another website, an email address, or a bookmark (see below).
    • Highlight the text or image and click the Insert Link icon.
    • From the Insert Link Wizard, select the type of link
    • you would like to create.
    • Enter/Select the desired link information.
    • If linking the user to another website, choose Open in New Window from the Target dropdown.
    • Click Insert Link.

    Visit our Training Resources page for help cards or contact Nathalie Alwane if you have any questions.


    Insert a File

    You can add documents, PDFs, and other files to your website by using the Insert File icon.
    ◊ Place your cursor in the Content Area where you would like the file to be inserted.
    ◊ Click the Insert File icon.
    ◊ Select a file source.
    ◊ Follow the wizard prompts to select a file, then click Continue.
    ◊ Enter the text you would like to appear on as the file link in the Link Text field.
    ◊ From the Target dropdown, select Open in a New Window.
    ◊ Click Insert File.

    This will create a text link to the file. View the Schoolwires Editor Help Card.