G-ACS Parent Survey

Hello G-A families,

In an effort to better support our students and improve strategic planning, we are looking to gather some information from families in our district. We are asking all parents/guardians with students in our district to complete the following survey. (Please choose a school that at least one of your children attends.)

Galesburg-Augusta High School

Galesburg-Augusta Middle School https://surveys.panoramaed.com/galesbu.../9868235774/surveys

Galesburg-Augusta Primary School https://surveys.panoramaed.com/galesbu.../5157932130/surveys

The survey takes about 10-12 minutes to complete. For your convenience, we will have Chromebooks available at Student Teacher Conferences this week, for families to complete the survey. We would appreciate as much participation as possible!

The week of November 14th, we will also be gathering information from our Middle School and High School students. We want to collect input from parents and guardians before presenting the survey to students. There will be paper copies of the Panorama Student Survey available this Thursday and Friday at Parent Teacher Conferences, as well as at the Middle School and High School offices through next week, for you to review. In addition, you can call the school to request a copy, and it can be emailed to you. There will be a space on the survey for parents and guardians to provide us with feedback, questions, comments, or concerns regarding the survey.

For any questions regarding the Family Survey or the Student Survey, please reach out to your building principal. Thank you!