Musical Storybooks December 8th at 10:00 am  Primary School Music room

Giraffes Can’t Dance... by Giles Andrae

This musical storybook is best for younger children. The story is by Giles
Andreas, and follows our giraffe hero, Gerald, as he learns to dance to his own music.
Performed by a special trio of Clarinet, Oboe, and Percussion, this program has a
variety of music and musical styles. Props and a call to retell the story with the group
are always a hit.

The program overall is about 25 minutes. They will start with brief introductions
and go through the story one time. They will then pass out props (giraffe shakers)
and ask the audience to help us tell the story a second time. At the end they will
also have copies of the board book for children (1 per family).

To reserve your spot please email Jeff Russell at:

Please send your email by Tuesday, December 6, 2022