• Syllabus
    7th Grade Social Studies: Eastern Hemisphere Studies/ World History

    Social studies’ is the integrated study of the social sciences to prepare young people to become responsible citizens. World History is the study of the past, specifically focusing on early civilizations.

    The purpose of social studies is to develop social understanding and civic efficacy (the readiness and willingness to assume citizenship responsibilities and to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a democratic society.)

    The social studies curriculum builds four capacities in young people: disciplinary knowledge, thinking skills, commitment to democratic values, and citizen participation.

    Seventh grade students will review the tools and mental constructs used by historians and geographers. They

    will develop an understanding of Ancient World History, Eras 1 – 3, of the Eastern Hemisphere and will study

    contemporary geography of the Eastern Hemisphere. Contemporary civics/government and economics content

    is integrated throughout the year. As a capstone, the students will conduct investigations about past and present

    global issues. Using significant content knowledge, research, and inquiry, they will analyze the issue and proposea plan for the future. As part of the inquiry, they compose civic, persuasive essays using reasoned argument.


    Provided by the school


    -Assignment book/Planner

    -Chromebook/laptop  (used in class)

    Provided by the student



     -Willingness to be open-minded and learn

    -Daily assignments will be given and will include work in the textbook, writing assignments, worksheets, daily warm up and checks for understanding. and journal  Periodically reports and presentations will be given for specific units. In addition, tests and quizzes will be given throughout each unit. 

    Grading Scale:  

    100-93                          A                     69-67               D+                  

    92-90                              A-                    66-63               D

    89-87                              B+                   62-60               D-

    86-83                  B                     59-below         E

    82-80                              B-

    79-77                              C+

    76-73                              C

    72-70                              C-

    Class Rules:

    -Be Respectful. This includes other people and their property.

    -Come to class prepared.
    -Be in your seat when the bell rings.

    -Follow directions.


     Mr. Woodard
    email: mwoodard@gacsnet.org
    phone #: 269-484-2016