• Syllabus
    Seventh Grade Life Science Syllabus


    The seventh grade life science objectives are determined by the State of Michigan Next Generation Science Standards. The standards are divided into the following five broad topics of study: 
    1. Structure, Fucntion, and Information Processing
    2. Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
    3. Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems
    4. Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms
    5. Natural Selection and Adaptations
    For a more in depth look at the standards, you may follow the link below:


    The homework I assign will be relevant to the current material we are learning and will help me assess student comprehension.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to do the homework and hand it in on time.  Students will be given two days to complete homework assignments unless otherwise specified.  For example, if an assignment is given on Monday, it is due at the beginning of the hour Wednesday.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED!  I encourage students to do their homework the first night to allow them to ask questions the next day, if need be.


    Students will be required to purchase a wire bound notebook pad to use as their journal, which will be kept in the classroom.  Please bring these to school as soon as possible as journal entries will start immediately.  Normally the school would purchase these for the students, however, with the budget cuts, this is not possible.  The journals will be checked on Fridays to ensure students are doing their work.  This is an easy five points every week, therefore, I encourage the students to participate.


    We will normally have at least one quiz every week.  I feel weekly quizzes help students to stay on top of the material and also help me determine if the students are learning the material.  There will be a quiz review the day before the quiz and I encourage students to take notes to study from.  

    In addition to weekly quizzes, we will have end of unit, cumulative tests.  Students will take a pre-test at the beginning of the unit which they will receive the day before the actual test.  They will be allowed to make corrections to the pre-test and use this for a study guide.  If a student is absent for a quiz/test review, it is their responsibility to get the review material either by asking me or another student.  


    Students will be given the same number of days to make up homework as the number of days they were absent, unless they have already received the homework.  In this case, the homework will still be due when they return.  For example, if a student is given homework on Monday, but is absent Tuesday, the homework is still due Wednesday.  Therefore, I encourage students to take home their work every night.  If students are absent for a quiz/test review, they will be given an extra day to study for the quiz/test.  However, if they were present for the review and absent on the day of the quiz/test, they will be expected to make up the quiz/test the day they return.


    Students’ classroom behavior should comply with the guidelines set forth in the G-A Student Handbook.  If a student is exhibiting unacceptable behavior, I will utilize the “three strikes” policy as follows:

     Strike One:      Verbal warning

    Strike Two:     Verbal reprimand, discipline write-up, and a possible telephone call home

    Strike Three:    Verbal reprimand, discipline write-up, removal from class, call home



    All students will receive a planner provided by the school.  This is an excellent tool to help students stay organized and a way for parents to see their child's assignments.  Although I will not check students’ planners (unless a parent requests), I encourage them to use them.  I always have the weeks’ assignments written on the board, therefore students can write down the entire week’s plan. 



    I grade on a typical scale as seen below.  Please note, I rarely give extra credit opportunities, therefore, I encourage students to not get behind!  Any student who is receiving a “D” or below will receive a grade printout on Friday to take home.  This must be signed and returned to me on Monday.  Students who fail to return their grade sheets will be given lunch detention.  This allows me to keep parents informed on their child’s progress.  Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of the online pinnacle grading program to monitor their child’s grades and my classroom website to be informed of current and future classroom assignments.


    100-93                          A                     69-67               D+                  

    92-90                              A-                    66-63               D

    89-87                              B+                   62-60               D-

    86-83               B                     59-below         E

    82-80                              B-

    79-77                              C+

    76-73                              C

    72-70                              C-